Update to the new blog address

Update your bookmarks to: connorstudios.com/gossip and your RSS readers to: feed://connorstudios.com/gossip/?feed=rss2 for the new blog.

Nothing more to see here but the new fun blog has lots-o-new-fun-stuff!

If there is some 3-week-old boy out there that will marry my little Gracie some day, just know that this picture will show up at the rehearsal dinner! You have been warned! :-)
Happy parents and a rolly-polly baby
Angry Bunny / Happy Bunny
Our New Family Portrait
Twist & Shout

Grace's First Major Shoot

Grace had her first major photo shoot over the weekend when we had a little downtime. We turned her nursery into a studio and had a little fun.

Like most beautiful models, she could be a bit dramatic and occasionally throw a tantrum. Good help is hard to find these days so you deal! :-)

And just so you know, I am posting this around 1 a.m. because sleeping beauty just will not sleep so I took her out of our room so Nicole could get some rest. That's the video I should post!

All in all, we are doing really well. Grace is healthy and we are just spending as much time trying to figure her out as possible. Someone forgot to include the directions so we are making it up as we go along. :-) (She has since had many baths and they all went much better!)

Some big news will be coming near the end of the week with the launch of her official blog and a HUGE relaunch of this blog. I think everyone will love the new look and content. (and if Grace doesn't fall asleep soon, I might just get it all done tonight!)

Rockin the Bad Hair Day 1.0
Rockin the Bad Hair Day 2.0
Grace changing into her P.J.'s
Grace saying CHANGE MY DIAPER!!!!
Bath time with Mom. Happy 1st Mother's Day!!!
Grace refused to go to the White House News Photographers dinner this year (not the 1st woman to turn me down!) so my mom was my date instead. Here we are before heading out and then with my award at the dinner.